Our History

The History of Monroeville U. M. C.

Farmhouse1955In 1953, George Snodgrass talked to some other Methodists about starting a church in the Monroeville Area.  The three-acre Sarah Graham homestead was purchased by the Pittsburgh Conference as the site for the new church in July of 1954.  On the property 1955were two buildings - an 8 room farmhouse which would be used for a parsonage and church school building, and a 3 room house which was converted into one large room for church services.  The Reverend Robert Geisinger, a part time student supply minister, led the first service on October 31, 1954.


A charter was granted on February 6, 1955 with 46 charter members.  Robert C. Siess was assigned Sanctuary1957to the church as a full time minister on May 22 of the same year.  The first building Fund Drive began in September and an architect was hired to design a "contemporary church" for a "contemporary community."  On December 20, 1957, the building was dedicated in time for the Christmas celebration.


Over the years, the Monroeville United Methodist Church has continued to serve the community.  A parsonage was purchased in 1959 on Garden City Drive, a new sanctuary and educational facility was constructed February 27, 1966, and another parsonage on Northwestern Drive was purchased in 1968.  In 1968, the parsonage on Garden City Drive was sold and later a new parsonage was MUMC Bus Card Picbought on Garden City Drive.

As the church grew, the need for additional space was realized, and on November 29, 1992 a new Fellowship Hall, narthex, parlor, remodeled kitchen and nursery were consecrated. 

As MUM looks to the future, the vision is, that through worship, hospitality, fellowship and education, we can offer our ministry to people of all ages.



The following pastors have served the Monroeville United Methodist Church:

Robert Willis Geisinger Oct. 1954 - May 1955
Robert Clarence Siess 1955 - 1968
Donald Franklin Cook, Associate 1967 - 1969
James Henry Cox 1969 - 1972
Richard Lee Weber, Jr., Associate 1969 - 1972
Wesley Edward Blaha 1972 - 1987
Arthur James Decker, Associate 1972 - 1976
James Richard Wagner, Associate 1976 - 1982
Nelson Thomas Thayer, Associate 1982 - 1983
Mark Alva Lenz, Associate 1983 - 1986
Kenneth Elliott Jones, Associate 1986 - 1990
William LeRoy Jones 1987 - 1996

Judith Elizabeth McFarland Leftwich, Associate

1990 - 1991
Thomas Duane Whitehead, Associate 1991 - 1993
James Hartley Ritchie, Jr., Associate 1994 - 2002
David Lee Morse 1996 - 2007
Cynthia Bloise, Associate 2002 - 2008
Donald W. Dotterer 2007 - 2009
Brenda Rochford, Associate 2008 - 2010
Tom Barnicott 2009 - 2014
Ed Schoeneck 2014 - 2022
Kelly Smith 2022

Please contact us at 412-372-7474 or mumc@monroevilleumc.org