Sermon Schedule

 February Worship

Worship Series, February 9-23

Theme: “All God’s Children” (Reflections on Psalm 139)          

This is a special series on inclusion focusing on supporting children who face limitations.

Each week will focus on a short reflection on a section of Psalm 139 by one person, followed by someone speaking in first person about their experience with the topic of the week.

This is the new beginning of our ministry to the special needs ministry. God calls us to reach out to all of His children regardless of the challenges he or she may face. Please join us as we dive in and take on this exciting adventure together!


Feb. 2: Share the Love

“Close to the Heart”

Matthew 5:1-12

Rev. Ed Schoeneck


Feb. 9

“I Am fearfully and Wonderfully Made”

Psalm 139:13-16

Speaker: Amanda Gilligan

Reflection: Matti Shelton


Feb. 16

“You Are Acquainted with All of My Ways”

Psalm 139:1-6

Speaker: Dave Quel

Reflection: Steven Joyce


Feb. 23

“Where Can I Go?”

Psalm 139:7-20

Speaker: Tricia Shelton

Reflection: Joshua Hughes