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Sermon Schedule

August Worship

Aug. 5: Communion

Rev. Dr. Dave Morse


Series: “The Vision that Defines Us” We will be exploring MUM’s Vision Statement “Serve God, Share Love, Change Lives.” Since 2007 we have seen this statement two times every Sunday; one in the hallway and one in the narthex. Why are these so important to the Ministry of MUM? What difference can they make in our lives and in the lives of others? Come, let us explore the vision that defines us!

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Aug. 12

“Serve God”

Matthew 16:21-28

Rev. Ed Schoeneck


 Aug. 19

“Share Love”

John 13: 31-35

Rev. Ed Schoeneck


 Aug. 26: Homecoming Sunday 

10 a.m. Service only

Monroeville Park, Pavilion #3

“Change Lives”

Acts: 9:1-19

Rev. Ed Schoeneck

















































Handicap AccessibleWe  welcome persons with disabilities. Our parking lot has several reserved spaces  and the building is universally accessible through automated doors. Our  sanctuary and most other rooms are wheelchair accessible; we have available,  upon request, amplified hearing devices as well as large print Bibles and  Hymnals.