Church Leaders



PAC is the leadership and administrative body at M.U.M. Church. 

Chair: Nathan O'Connor

Vice-Chair: Sharon McCarl

Secretary: Patty Martin

Church Treasurer: Patty Martin

Lay Leader: Susan Burkett

Communications Ministries Chair: Betty Henderson

Finance Ministries Chair: Wendy Frase

Lay Leadership Ministries Chair: Ed Schoeneck

Nurture Chair: Tammi Bentley

Outreach Chair: Stacy Mazak

Staff Parish Ministries Co-Chairs: Carol Morris and David Baker

Trustees Ministries Chair: Dave Magill

Witness Chair: Karen Mori

Worship Ministries Chair: Susan Burkett

Representative to Annual Conference/Lay Delegate: Don Pearrell

U.M. Men Representative: Kevin Whitfield

PAC Members at Large: Ron Morgan; Matt Antonich; Lynne Miller

Pastor: Ed Schoeneck

Director of Christian Discipleship: Amanda Gilligan

Coordinator of Adult Ministries: Dona Todarello

Youth Fellowship Leader: Emily Antonich