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We, the people of the Monroeville United Methodist Church (MUM), want to welcome you. We hope you find us to be a community of faith where all God’s children are welcomed, cared for, and loved. We pray the peace of Christ will flow through us to make a loving difference in our lives, our community, and the world around us.



Confirmation 2020

Confirmation 2020

Our 2020 Confirmation students will meet twice a month under the guidance of Amanda Gilligan, Director of Christian Discipleship;  Pastor Ed Schoeneck and Natalie Frydryck. Each Student will have a mentor to journey with them. Confirmation 2020 will be on May 3.



Congratulations to our newly confirmed youth on April 28, 2019:  

Jace Beam, son of Kevin and Megan Beam, mentored by Craig Codeluppi; Demetrius Broadnax, grandson of Diane Broadnax, mentored by Matt Antonich; Dan Codeluppi, son of Craig and Stephanie Codeluppi, mentored by Mike Macesich; Parker Hanulik, son of Ron and Lisa Hanulik, mentored by Rev. Dr. Jim Ritchie; Carson Hertrick, son of Dale and Lora Hertrick, mentored by Ruth Woods; Isabelle Marazas, daughter of Tom and Jennifer Marazas, mentored by Stacy Mazak; Kaylee Matthews, daughter of Dan and Kim Matthews, mentored by Emily Antonich; Jenna Mazak, daughter of John and Stacy Mazak, mentored by Jennifer Marazas  

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Handicap AccessibleWe  welcome persons with disabilities. Our parking lot has several reserved spaces  and the building is universally accessible through automated doors. Our  sanctuary and most other rooms are wheelchair accessible; we have available,  upon request, amplified hearing devices as well as large print Bibles and  Hymnals.