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We, the people of the Monroeville United Methodist Church (MUM), want to welcome you. We hope you find us to be a community of faith where all God’s children are welcomed, cared for, and loved. We pray the peace of Christ will flow through us to make a loving difference in our lives, our community, and the world around us.


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Monroeville United Methodist Church

Sunday June 7, 2020

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Centering Duet: "The Power of Your Love" by Geoff Bullock, arr by Jane Holstein.  

Sung by Lori Hughes and Gary Young                                



HYMN OF PRAISE      “Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee” 

Joyful, joyful, we adore thee,

God of glory, Lord of love;
hearts unfold like flowers before thee,

opening to the sun above.

Melt the clouds of sin and sadness;

drive the dark of doubt away.
Giver of immortal gladness,
fill us with the light of day!

All thy works with joy surround thee,
earth and heaven reflect thy rays,
stars and angels sing around thee,
center of unbroken praise.

Field and forest, vale and mountain,
flowery meadow, flashing sea,
chanting bird and flowing fountain,
call us to rejoice in thee.

Thou art giving and forgiving,
ever blessing, ever blest,
wellspring of the joy of living,
ocean depth of happy rest!

Thou our Father, Christ our brother,
all who live in love are thine;
teach us how to love each other,
lift us to the joy divine.

Mortals, join the mighty chorus,
which the morning stars began;
love divine is reigning o’er us,
binding all within its span.

Ever singing, march we onward,
victors in the midst of strife;
joyful music leads us sunward,
in the triumph song of life.


TIME OF PRAYER           “Nothing Can Trouble”

Nothing can trouble,
nothing can frighten.
Those who seek God
shall never go wanting.

Nothing can trouble,
nothing can frighten,
God alone fills us.

                       Pastoral Prayer and Lord’s Prayer

SCRIPTURE LESSON           Matthew 5:13-16The Message                                                     


SHARING THE CONFIRMATION JOURNEY         2020 Confirmation Class


SERVICE OF CONFIRMATION                                                                                                    

   Confirmation Program Leaders: Amanda Gilligan, Natalie Frydryck

Family and friends of a confirmand are invited to share encouraging comments online as the Confirmands are confirmed.


Confirmands and Mentors

  • Alex Laret, son of Chris and Kym Laret, mentored by Rev. Dr. Jim Ritchie
  • Kailey Swick, daughter of Dave and Jill Swick, mentored by Don Pearrell


CLOSING HYMN               “Your Love is Alive”

The whole earth is filled the whole earth is filled

Filled with Your glory,

filled with Your glory

My whole life is filled my whole life is filled

Filled with Your glory

filled with Your glory


Your love is alive

Your love is alive

Your love is beating inside of

My heart and my soul and my mind

Your love is alive

Your love is alive

Your love is leading me into

The Way and the Truth and the Life


When blinded by darkness or lost out at sea

Even in death You're always with me

When I am fearful I won't be afraid

O Spirit remind me Your presence remains

CCLI Song # 7070731

Ben Smith | Daniel Bashta | Jason Upton | Pat Barrett

© 2016 Go Forth Sounds (Admin. by Bethel Music Publishing)




POSTLUDE   "Psalm of Joy" by George Blake


Congratulations to our Confirmands!

Blessings to you as you journey on!


Go in Peace and Shine!!

Have a great week everyone!

Stay healthy!

Show Love!

Music provided by:

Lynn Bruhn, Director of Choral/Trad. Ensembles, Organist, and Director of MUM Rings

Nick Filotei, Director of Praise Worship Ministries

Lori Hughes; Gary Young

Videography provided by:

Elisha Schoeneck



Handicap AccessibleWe  welcome persons with disabilities. Our parking lot has several reserved spaces  and the building is universally accessible through automated doors. Our  sanctuary and most other rooms are wheelchair accessible; we have available,  upon request, amplified hearing devices as well as large print Bibles and  Hymnals.